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NDE Solutions, LLC is a mid-size NDT company specializing in Radiographic Testing (RT).  We take pride in our ability to provide customers with the highest quality work at production rates that most competitors cannot match.  NDE Solutions has over 25 mobile darkrooms in 3 locations supporting multiple customers in the energy, pipeline and fabrication industries.

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Specialists In Multiple Areas

Radiographic Testing

Using traditional gamma ray radiation (Iridium 192) to detect flaws in welds or base materials.

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Liquid Penetrant Testing

Used to detect hairline cracks or porosity on the surface of non-porous materials.

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Magnetic Particle Testing

Used to detect surface and near surface cracks or other discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials.

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Ultrasonic Thickness Testing

Used to measure wall thickness of piping and tanks.

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Welder Testing

AWS Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) on staff to test welders to your welding procedures per API or ASME requirements.

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Film Auditing

3rd Party auditing of RT film by ASNT Level III RT Technicians, AWS CRI RT Auditor or experience Level II Technicians.

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What our clients say about us

I took over project management on an oil terminal expansion project that had fallen months behind schedule.  A film audit revealed that 80% of the RT contractor’s film did not meet Code and approximately 2,500 welds must be reshot.  After several unsuccessful attempts by the RT contractor to correct the film deficiencies I brought in NDE Solutions to reshoot the rejected welds and finish the project.  Their crews were great to work with and produced audit quality film at good production rates.  We would have saved a lot of money and time if we had contracted with NDE Solutions in the first place.

DV – Senior Project Manager for a midstream energy company

RT inspection for a 20” pipeline was awarded to a regional x-ray company based on their low bid.  Construction began during the rainy season and the x-ray contractor could not keep up with welding because of the muddy conditions.  They spent more time complaining about the conditions than working.  The line had to be completed on deadline so we brought in NDE Solutions.  They caught us up and finished the project without a complaint.  I will use them whenever there is an opportunity and I have recommended them to our other Project Managers.

JH – Project Manager for a midstream energy company

I was responsible for construction oversight on the expansion of a west Texas gas facility and 36” pipeline.  We had two RT crews from a large nationally recognized NDT company performing x-ray inspection but they could not keep up with welding.  I replaced the crews with two NDE Solutions’ RT crews.  Each of the NDE Solutions’ x-ray crews shot more welds than both of the original crews combined.

CG – Chief Inspector for consumer gas company

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