NDE Solutions, LLC was formed in 2005. Initially, we struggled to hire experienced Level II Technicians that were reliable, productive and quality conscious. Within the first two years of operation we realized that achieving total customer satisfaction would require a different approach. Instead of hiring experienced x-ray technicians we initiated a process to build the ideal technician from the ground up.


  • Hire all personnel to entry Level I Assistant positions. Instead of looking for employees with technical experience, focus on work ethic, dependability and willingness to learn.

  • Provide new hires with rigorous training in radiation safety, workplace safety and company procedures.

  • Once employees have proven their ability as Level I Assistants and earned their State Radiographer Card they are prioritized for Level II RT Technician Training based on job performance.

  • 40 Hour In-house Level II RT Technician Training, Testing and Certification per ASNT SNT-TC-1A Requirements.

  • General Knowledge of Radiation

  • API 1104 and ASME B31.3 Code Requirements

  • Film Interpretation

Although our development process is significantly more time consuming than hiring experienced Level II Technicians we have found it to be very successful in achieving customer satisfaction. This process also benefits our employees by providing opportunities for rapid advancement within the company.